Child Custody

Protect Your And Your Child’s Interests In Custody Disputes

Most parents who can no longer remain married feel badly enough about the effect of divorce on their children without a long, dragged out fight about custody, time-sharing and parental responsibility. They also want to ensure that they can continue to have a strong relationship with their kids and remain a big part of their lives.

Dedicated To Serving Your Needs

At the Law Offices of Thomas J. Donnelly in Clearwater, Florida, the best interests of your children are of primary concern both for our family law attorneys and for you. We will strive to create a plan that works for you as well as your children. With more than 35 years of experience, we know how to build strong cases that will obtain the best possible outcome for you.

Many parents worry that the courts will take their children away from them completely. This fear can lead to parents making mistakes like involving the children too much in the details of the divorce. Children are not emotionally prepared to bear that weight.

Generally, courts prefer to keep both parents in the child’s life. We will work to present evidence that will clearly show the role you play in your child’s life and how the child will benefits from a continuation of keeping you in that role.

Located in Clearwater, we handle cases throughout the surrounding Florida communities.

Child Custody Outside Of Divorce

Many parents today simply never marry. When those relationships end, it is always a good idea to secure an enforceable child custody agreement. Even if the relationship is still amicable, you may have many years where you need a workable framework between you and your ex-partner that allows you both to parent as you see fit. We can help you prove paternity and secure a child custody agreement.

Protecting Your Rights As A Parent

Our family law attorneys are experienced in working with parents who are trying to get an equitable solution to the often emotional issues of time-sharing, child custody and parental responsibility. We also understand that these issues are in many ways related to child support calculations and determinations. Our decades of experience with child issues allow us to create effective solutions to child support questions.

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