Drug Charges

What You Should Do When You’re Faced With Drug Charges

Whether you’ve been charged with drug possession for personal use or possession with intent to sell, you could find yourself facing very serious penalties. A conviction could result not only in substantial jail time, but you might find yourself struggling to obtain a job and housing down the road.

If you are facing drug charges, you should secure experienced legal representation that can vigorously defend your rights and future. The Law Offices of Thomas J. Donnelly have more than 35 years of experience in criminal law.

At the Law Offices of Thomas J. Donnelly in Clearwater, Florida, we are committed to providing the strongest possible defense against drug charges. Attorney Tom Donnelly has been protecting his clients’ rights since 1980. Over those decades, he has built a lengthy track record of success — including in state and federal trial courts — in protecting our clients’ rights and freedoms.

Located in Clearwater, we handle cases throughout the surrounding Florida communities.

Protecting Your Constitutional Rights

The state of Florida takes drug possession, distribution and other drug-related charges very seriously and the consequences can be severe if you are convicted. If you find yourself in this type of a situation, we can examine the circumstances of your case to see if, among other things, the drugs were seized by the authorities during an illegal search. If that is the case, then we will fight for the evidence to be excluded from trial and the charges reduced or dismissed.

Understanding The Terms Of Your Drug Charges And Finding The Help You Need

Many drug arrests occur because people are struggling with addiction. In some situations, first-time offenders can avoid incarceration by having their cases heard in one of the state’s drug courts.

In such an event, defendants will need to go through drug treatment and must be cooperative throughout the program. Successful completion leads to the dismissal of charges. Not everyone is eligible, but our attorneys have helped many clients gain admission and successfully complete these programs.